Operational Business Diagnosis - OBD

The OBDs provide our clients with a pragmatic review of their company and its internal processes.

Three formats are offered to adjust to the specific scope requested:

  1. OBD90 CHECKUP : A 90 minute check-up session with one of our expert to give pragmatic advice to leaders and help them navigate specific difficulties.

  2. OBD180 FOCUS: A department-wide analysis, double checking the company fondation and pointing out the strength and weakness of said department within its company processes.

  3. OBD360 HOLISTIC: A company-wide analysis covering all departments, their governance, efficiency and communications within the company.

The process ?

  • APPROACH: The first step is to understand your environment, your specificities and your needs and compare them to the standard. The standard being the multidisciplinary rules and good practices of corporate governance that we master in our various patented methodological modules within ©ASMCPQ:2022.

  • ASSESSMENT: We establish a review using the business norms from our methodology and coparing it to the activities of your company. It allows us to shine a light on the actions that need to be taken in priority.

  • RECOMMANDATIONS: On the basis of the assessment, we provide recommandations and priorities we believe your company should deal with in the short term. Depending on the need and urgency, we'll offer further help with boosting missions or mentoring support.

(Re) Boosting the company through intensive missions

The missions of (Re) Boost consist in reorganizing, improving and quickly putting in place effective solutions allowing the company to return to a positive dynamic of growth or to accelerate the latter. This requires both an intense solicitation of management, which is driven to awareness and decision-making, then that of the team which is involved and made autonomous in the implementation of concrete solutions.

These reorganization interventions take place in several contexts:

  • Review of the overall strategy

  • Optimization of a healthy society

  • Growth acceleration

  • Rehabilitation in a crisis context

Company Support

Through mentoring support for business leaders

Mentoring is useful to compensate for the loneliness of the leader who cannot, on the one hand, share all his concerns with his employees at the risk of generating counter-productive uncertainty and, ideally, even less bringing his concerns back to his private environment. .

Mentoring is a support solution that is part of the constantly changing company and thus meets the needs of managers facing, often alone, these changes which bring together several factors such as: competitiveness, cooperation, human development, engagement, etc. The idea is, alongside all the existing intervention systems, to promote a system highlighting a long-term support relationship based on free exchanges that contribute to a better quality of life for the leader who is no longer alone.

Mentoring consists of one-off support to maintain the acquired knowledge over the long term and to continue on the good decision-making dynamics of good governance!

Mentoring can be implemented in several ways:

  • Individual support for the active leader

  • Collective management support

It is about establishing a collaborative exchange and objectives between the experts and collaborators allowing to trace a common thread for the achievement of these objectives in the long term. Meetings are held punctually and allow progress on the objectives.

Through Boards of supervision and direction

The boards (Supervision and direction) are a non-executive bodies appointed by the general meeting of shareholders whose mission is to ensure the proper functioning of a company and to report to the shareholders, and, or, investors most often inactive. :

  • Through the will of a former ruler.
    Sooner or later, as a leader you may be considering passing your business on to a loved one. It will be important to you ensures r , without getting involved emotionally, personally and without risking any family conflict, that your successor is well supported and do not squander the work of your life!

  • Through the will of a bank, an investment fund or an outside shareholder.
    They naturally want to make sure that the company in which they put money is well governed.

This is the mission of our multidisciplinary cells of expertise which regularly intervene in the company to supervise its good governance in the areas covered by our methodology ©ASMCPQ:2022 which cover almost 360° of the perimeters of good governance of a company.

The mission of the supervisory board and the board of directors is to supervise
the good governance of the management in the field!

Our multidisciplinary expert teams go well beyond traditional accounting and financial monitoring . They discuss and intervene in the field as close as possible to management to proactively detect:

  • Failures and improvements to be implemented in terms of management and, or, human mismanagement

  • Deficiencies and improvements to be put in place in terms of forecast management control

  • Failures and improvements to be implemented in terms of cost control and profitability once passed into the industrialization phase

  • Failures and improvements to be implemented in terms of industrial processes, production, supply chain, efficiency, productivity, etc.

  • The shortcomings and improvements to be put in place in terms of quality assurance and control?

  • etc ...

These various operational multidisciplinary factors very easily escape the financial radar because they can only be detected with seasoned experience in operational field surveillance.

Skills development through training

Our training programs are designed in close collaboration with our partners and are continuously improved thanks to our experience in consulting. Each training is divided into sessions of theoretical courses, demonstrations and practical work on business cases.

All our training courses are given by a certified trainer, himself a consultant in the subject he provides and himself a business manager.

USER TRAININGS are suitable for business leaders and managers wishing to develop or supplement their skills in good governance of their company through our patented ©ASMCPQ:2022 methodology.

EXPERT-CONSULTANCY TRAINING is suitable for consulting firms wishing :

  • To develop or supplement their good governance advisory service offer for their clients through our patented ©ASMCPQ:2022 methodology.

  • Develop or supplement, through our methodology, their skills in the profession and the consulting approach, the objectives of which are very different from other types of consulting services.

Immersion training is available in our training center.

It is proven that by getting people out of their daily workplace, they are not interrupted and disturbed during training and they absorb information better.

Carrying out training at our center is undoubtedly the best solution to acquire a higher level of excellence while stimulating the team spirit fostered by an outside activity.

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Bed and Breakfast: This immersion can also be complete if you choose to stay in our center by staying in our two guest rooms. These guarantee you great comfort and high-speed internet connectivity.

Team Building: We are established in the Bois d'Hez area, located a few hundred meters from the historic site of the abbey of Villers-la-Ville. This allows us to plan Team Building activities during our immersion training.

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